Apple Iphone Become A Game Giant Was An Accident Strayed Into Areas Of The Game

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Apple Iphone Become A Game Giant Was An Accident Strayed Into Areas Of The Game

Apple IPhone Become A Game Giant Was An Accident Strayed Into Areas Of The Game

April7, according to foreign media reports, "Forbes" network local timeApril 6 edition carried an article saying that Apple is a gaming giant to anaccident, the first of Apple's iPhone position is not portable game console,then cock into the game field. The following is the abstract:

Apple makes its products moresuitable for playing games should not be a surprise move. From thebeginning, the game is fast-growing Apple App Store app store a large part ofthe business. Market research firm IHS Screen Digest data show that mobileapplications market last year, up 160% to 22 billion U.S. dollars, whichaccounted for 83% of the App Store. According to mobile advertisingcompany MobClix said that in the App Store section of over 409,000applications, 17% of the game. Sanford Bernstein investment firm estimatesthat the 180 most popular models in the App Store for free applications, games,one-third; the most popular paid applications, games accounted for 55%. Mostrevenue comes from hardware sales for Apple, this has been quite good.

Investment firm WedbushSecurities analyst Michael Pacheco Special (Michael Pachter) pointed out thatthe Big Apple into the game almost by accident, "the game is veryimportant for Apple, but involved in casual game industry is" the realintention is to sell Apple iPod , iPhone, iPad, and hardware such as Apple TV.

AppleiPhone was first released in 2007, the company CEO Steve Jobs is positioningits mobile phones, portable Internet access terminals and iPod. IPhonehackers security mechanism, and develop their own game, iPhone becomes a game. Gamepublisher Electronic Arts senior vice president of Portman, Travis (TravisBoatman), said, "I think the original iPhone Apple did not realize thefield in the game have such a big impact."

But Apple quickly realized thatthis, in March 2008 released the iPhone software development kit, in Julyreleased App Store. August, App Store daily sales of more than 100 millionapplications, of which more than a quarter of a game. 1 month later, AppleiPod Touch prices will be reduced by the $ 299 to $ 229 and will beginadvertising its called a gaming device. Patchett said, "This reflectsthe genius of Steve Jobs, even in the case of unclear reasons, he quicklyrealized that iPhone gaming will play an important role."

Jobs also realized that Appleshould not be competing with other application developers. Apple justreleased in July 2008 the first and last a iOS game. The fall of 2008, Stanford University assistant professor Ge Wang spent7 weeks developed an application that allows iPhone to transform intoelectronic Ocarina. More than 500 million users have downloaded theapplication of this price of 99 cents. Ge Wang's company Smule now offerLeaf Trombone, Magic Fiddle and Glee Karaoke applications.

Christmasin 2008 during the game development company FireMint CEO Rob Murray in lessthan a week of time developed a highly popular game "Flight Control",this price of $ 1 game downloads has more than 400 million times.

December 2008, Apple injectionBritain Imag ination Technologies Group, licensing the latter's PowerVRgraphics technology. Apple announced in March 2009 a iOS upgrade package, allowing game developersto sell weapons and other game items. Last April's Game Centerallows gamers to play games released the highest score, and sparring with otherplayers.

Other companies are followingApple. Amazon in March launched a Android application store, to challengeGoogle's Android Market. While Android Apple in the smartphone area pose achallenge to the dominant position, but the developers said the lack ofconsistency makes it not an ideal application platform, especially games. Gamestart-up companies OpenFeint founder, CEO Seth Johnson, Ron (Jason Citron)hopes to narrow the gap between iOS and Android. Apple ReleasesGame Center,the Somerset Ron quickly add this feature for the Android, Android makes iOSplayers and players can rally game. He also helped the developers todevelop games for the Android. OpenFeint 3 March also announcedcooperation with NINETOWNS's Fund9, the developers will pay the cost of portingthe game to Android.

Appleand Android on the traditional game business together constitute a threat. Heldat the March Game Developers Conference, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata (SatoruIwata) complained that the cheap games on mobile devices and causing injury tothe gaming industry.

AppStore has a high popularity of each application will be accompanied by a largenumber of "losers." Since the App Store release, Apple has todevelopers divided into about 20 billion dollars in revenue. However, ifthe average of all 40 million lines allocated to applications, only 5,000 U.S.dollars each. A variety of EA's top games will be ported to the iOS, butthe investment of each game are very cautious, because not each have access togreat success, "This is the law of all the entertainment market, iPhone isno exception."

IPad game may not feel thethreat, but the graphics capabilities of mobile devices has been improved. Inthe iPad 2 price $ 5.99 to run the "Infinity Blade" game, priced at $39 through the adapter to connect to the big screen TV, who would think thatApple does not console. "Infinity Blade" developers ChairEntertainment creative director Donald Moose Todd (Donald Mustard) said,"We are beyond the game from there about 2 years."

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Apple Iphone Become A Game Giant Was An Accident Strayed Into Areas Of The Game