Bingo Bucks Specialty Game Guide

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Bingo Bucks Specialty Game Guide

Bingo Bucks Specialty Game Guide

Combining all major games in the casino, Bingo Bucks is a specialty games that features game play characteristics from slots, bingo, and poker. This game is offered in many online casino sites.

The objective of the game is to collect balls with symbols on them in a pay line. There are 12 pay lines in the game with 8 winning combinations, and pays out like a slot machine, making it one of the easier game variety of slots, bingo, and poker games to win. Though you may think that it is a rather complicated mixture of the said games, it is in fact pretty easy to learn. No skill is required, since everything is generated at random. All you have to do to play the game is to wager one or more coins and spin the balls.

Bingo Bucks Game Play Mechanics

The game play mechanics of Bingo Bucks is rather easy. The first thing to do is to decide on the coin size that you wish to play, by clicking on the plus [+] or minus [-] buttons. The next step is to decide how many coins you wish to bet by clicking on the BET ONE button (adds a coin one by one, and if it reaches the maximum, the counter will reset back to 1) or the BET MAX button (automatically wagers the maximum number of coins and starts spinning the balls). Each coin unlocks one pay line, and betting on the maximum allows you to win on all pay lines available for that game.

After deciding the amount and number of coins to bet, you now click on the ROLL button to start spinning the balls. When the balls finish spinning the symbol combinations along each enabled pay-line are checked. You get paid out for winning combinations falling on an enabled pay-line. If a winning combination appears on a pay-line that you have not enabled, you will not receive a payout for that combination

Bingo Bucks Game Limits

The Bingo Bucks machine receives from 1 to 12 coins. The minimum coin size is $0.25 and the maximum value is $5.00, so to summarize, the minimum amount of bet is $0.25 and the maximum is $60.00 (12 x $5) per spin.

For every coin that you put in an additional pay-line is enabled. For example, 3 coins enables the first, second and third pay-lines. The fourth through twelfth pay-lines are disabled.

Bingo Bucks Winning Combinations, and Payouts

The winnings paid out on Bingo Bucks are dependent on the symbol combination that lands on an enabled pay-line and the value of the coin bet. The total of your winnings is the number of coins won times the value of the coin played.

The spinning balls has a variety of symbols, plus the letters B, I, N, G, and O. The following are the winning combinations with their corresponding payouts (expressed as the number of coins won) in Bingo Bucks: BINGO -- 1000; 5 of a Kind (any symbol) -- 100; BING or INGO -- 50; BIN, ING or NGO -- 25; 4 of a kind (any symbol) -- 12; Full House (3 of 1 symbol, 2 of another) -- 10; 3 of a kind (any symbol) -- 6; Two pair (any symbols) -- 5

Bingo Bucks is a very suitable game for beginners in online casino gaming, since it takes a little bit of everything combined into a single entertaining game.

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Bingo Bucks Specialty Game Guide