Copying A Ps Game By Ps Game Copying Software

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Copying A Ps Game By Ps Game Copying Software

Copying A PS2 Game By PS2 Game Copying Software

Simply by copying a PS2 game, you can control the fate of your expensive original game, avoiding the prohibitive cost of replacing them should they become damaged, lost, or stolen. To ensure that you have the maximum protection possible for your games, copy PS2 games, store away the originals for safekeeping, and use the copies for playing. All risk is reduced. If you damage a copy, simply make another. Now let's see how to copy a PS2 game.

Copying PlayStation 2 games is not very difficult or complicated. With the current widespread availability of PS2 game copying software, it is a simple process and is very similar to the process of burning a normal CD or DVD.

But there are many applications capable of copying PS2 games. If you don't have a package like this already, search on the internet and choose whichever of the programs seems to be the best for your needs, and download it. Be very careful, however, when making that selection. Some of these websites that offer free software to copy PS2 games may provide viruses or other mal ware along with the program. So I am here recommending one software application called Game Copy Wizard, which enjoys a sound reputation among gamers and receives excellent testimonials from users.

Besides a right game copying software installed to bypass the integrated copy protection scheme on game discs, one need to prepare the following things before copying PS2 game: a PS2 game CD / DVD, a computer with a CD or DVD burner, and A blank CD / DVD disc.

If you have all the equipment and supplies needed, in a very short order, you'll have a usable, high quality copy of your original PS2 game. The PS2 game copying process can be finished within 5 steps...

Step 1 Determine if the PS2 game you choose to copy requires a CD-R or DVD-R method. Look at the side of the disk that is read by the console (that is, the side without the title/logo). The CD style is purple and the DVD style is silver.

Step 2 Place the PS2 game CD / DVD in the CD reader cum burner of the computer.

Step 3 Start the PS2 game copying software installed onto your computer.

Step 4 Save an image of the disk to your hard drive by identifying the folder where you want to save the new file under "Output Path." Then click the "OK" button.

Step 5 Insert the correct type of blank disk (CD-R or DVD-R) and tell the software to burn an image of the data you saved.

Now that you have learned how to copy a PS2 game, you should not wait. Take action and begin copying PS2 games with downloading a proper game copying software first. If you can not make up you mind yet, Read the review first. Here is the Game Copy Wizard Review!!!

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Copying A Ps Game By Ps Game Copying Software