Game Rental Is The Best Way To Save Money On Video Games

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Game Rental Is The Best Way To Save Money On Video Games

Game Rental is The Best Way to Save Money on Video Games

Game rental is the best way to play video games for less.If you buy video games for yourself, or if you are a parent buying games for your kids, I'm sure you are tired or unwilling to pay so much money for each game. Even if video games aren't serious, the money you put in is.

Check my website to see why game rental is a great service.

Actually, game rental now exists to help us save money on our favorite hobby.The principle is simple : you don't buy video games but you rent unlimited titles that they sent to your home, for the price of a monthly membership.Prices start at 15.95$ a month or 191$ a year, for unlimited game rentals, one game being rented at a time.

You may think 191$ a year is expensive. But let's consider the cost if you purchase the games : 191$ gets you all and any games you wish. Let's say you want to play 1 new release a month, that's 12 a year. At the very least, a new game costs 50$ (many new games are priced 70$) : this represents an annual cost of 600$ if you buy them. But renting game online costs 191$, meaning you'll end up saving more 400$.(and this example is for 12 games a year. Rent 50 it will be the same low price)

That's for sure the best feature of game rental : its really low price compared to purchasing games ! But have a look below to learn about more advantages of game rental :

How to choose a game rental company?

A reliable game rental company is the first thing you want to look for.Also choose a company with lots of games in their catalogue, both new and old releases.

Read here to learn about the company we recommend

The game rental principle

They offer their game selection website for you to choose from.The games you chose are then sent to you via mail, postage and shipping being already included in your monthly subscription.The game rental company we recommend has several shipping centers in the US, meaning shipping times are reduced.

Don't like the game? Sent it back and get another. Wanna keep the game longer? Feel free to do it at no additional costs.This will prevent you from having a game you don't like.And since one tend to get over games quickly, getting another one without spending more is more than enjoyable.

It's also great to know there membership can be cancelled at any time, without you needing to pay any cancellation fees.

Is it that much of a good deal?

I'm sure you wish you'll be able to try all those games you've heard about but couldn't because it's too expensive. And for parents, the video game budget is often too heavy. That's why game rental appears as a great solution. So in other words, yes game rental is a great deal !

As a video game lover, I have compiled more tips and information in my website about game rental

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Game Rental Is The Best Way To Save Money On Video Games