The Overview Of Scramble With Friends Game For Android And Ios

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The Overview Of Scramble With Friends Game For Android And Ios

The Overview of Scramble With Friends Game For Android And iOS

The Android edition of Scramble with Friends has eventually arrived. The game is formerly well-preferred by the iPhone and iPod Touch owners worldwide. It's basically the social and word puzzle-based mobile game from Zynga which includes the same enjoyment as Words with Friends or Scrabble for Desktop computer. In this post you will find out the gameplay, system requirements, and benefits and drawbacks of Scramble with Friends game.


Every time you begin to perform Scramble with Friends, there will be a game-board consisting of 16 letter tiles that have been arranged in a 4x4 grid. The player will likely be needed to create words by dragging finger across the tiles. As it is a multiplayer game, you will recognize that the game is more stimulating than Words with Friend particularly when you compete with buddies or stranger to get the highest scores. This game is split into 3 rounds and each round comprises of 2 minutes. The gamer will be faced with the same board as the challenger. The champion of this game will be the participant who has the highest cumulative score when these 3 rounds has finished.


One of the great things found in this game is the helpful power-ups that can be utilized anytime in this game. The very first power-ups can be gained for free, but the 2nd power-ups will require a token. Moreover, the gamer will need 1 token for each round to play. If your token expires you will need to wait for around 20 minutes to get your own free tokens regenerate or else you can purchase it over the internet.


In terms of visual appearance, this game comes along with vivid colors and high resolution graphic that can make people to play this game for long periods. However, you will discover that this game does not have any game soundtrack or song. Then again, this game contains the attractive sound effects especially when the gamer is able to make the words with good score.

Hints and Cheats

It's really suggested to make use of the power-ups carefully and also utilize the Freeze to gain extra twenty seconds. Furthermore, create plurals as much as you can from the singular words that you have created by just putting the letter S (if there is any on the grid). There's also the online word solver that you may try for totally free.

System Requirements

If you choose to obtain and install Scramble with Friends on your current Android smartphone with Android 2.2 or up, you can simply find the game in Play Market. The game will cost you $0.99 and there won't be any ads found in the game (as said by the application maker). For the iOS 4.0 (or higher) operating system, you can obtain the game for free in App Store. It is working with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4s, iPad and iPod Touch.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Scramble with Friends is really a fun and attractive word game simply because it gives eye-catching visual and sounds along with the challenging gameplay. However, you'll experience some fatal crashes throughout the game and sadly there isn't any single player mode.

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The Overview Of Scramble With Friends Game For Android And Ios