Your Putting Grip And Why Its So Important To Your Golf Game

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Your Putting Grip And Why Its So Important To Your Golf Game

Your Putting Grip and Why It's So Important To Your Golf Game

Your putting grip can make or break your golf game. Putting is one of the most important swings that you need to master and is key to how many strokes you will have. About half of a golfer's score is attributed to putting. It is the most essential of all golfing techniques. And although this is true, most golfers spend most of their time on their drive strokes. EVERY good golfer is a good putter, so practicing your short game is incredibly important.

To achieve a successful putt, several factors should be considered. One of the most important being your putting grip and choosing the right one can make a huge difference on how many strokes you finish your game with. Proper putting grip selection is key.

Various putting grips that a golfer can use include:

1. The traditional/reverse overlap. Here you place your left hand on the putter grip and your right hand slightly below your left. You should then connect your hands by having the fingers of your left hand enveloped under the right index finger. The opposite of this grip; known as the left below right grip is as follows: Place the right hand on the putter grip and your left hand below it then wrap your left forefinger over the fingers of the right hand. This can highly useful to left-handed people.

2. The claw/gator grip. This is not a very common grip. With the left hand on the putter grip, place your right hand on the putter grip in a similar way. Then wind your right thumb around the putter grip to maintain a firm hold.

3. The box grip. Both hands are placed on the putter on the same plane, adjacent to each other. Make sure your shoulders are even. After this, move your left hand to the top of the grip with the index finger resting on the side, and then slightly raise your right hand such that it is just below the left. The two hands should form a box-like shape.

4. The pencil grip. Normally, putting is done using a relatively shorter club. The pencil grip is used when the player is using a long putter. The putter is held in the same way we hold a pencil while the left hand goes to the extreme end of the club (at the top).

So, which grip should I use?

It is crucial to use the putting grip you are most proficient in and comfortable with to enable you get the ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes. For example, if you are left-handed, master the left below right grip as it is likely to feel more natural for you. The more natural it feels to you, the better you will putt.

Practice until you become an expert in your chosen putting grip. Putting should feel like second nature to you. As you become more skillful, you should learn other putting techniques to increase your scoring chances. For every putting situation know which technique is likely to work best. Ensure to keep the right posture to prevent muscle stain and/or injury. This will also increase putting accuracy.

Want to learn more about choosing the best putting grip for your short game?Visit my site at to get more tips and resources on how to really improve your putting ability and leave the greens with lower scores.

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Your Putting Grip And Why Its So Important To Your Golf Game